Informationen zur Einreichung

Information for students

You would like to submit your work? This is how to do it:

1. For a first assessment of your work send an E-Mail with the following information to

  • Title and Abstract of your thesis,
  • Name of your supervisor,
  • Grade of your thesis,
  • Introduction chapter,
  • Conclusion chapter,
  • Extract from the main part (around 2-3 pages). You are free to choose the part you would like to send us. We should get an impression how you came to your conclusions.

2. We tell you if your work is accepted for a publication in our journal. Because we are independent of faculty or topics, the topic of your thesis is not important. We mainly consider if your work was systematically conducted and if it is original and timely.

3. If your submission was accepted you write an Extended Abstract about your thesis, which is more detailed than an abstract. It should contain an introduction, your argumentation, the core insights, a discussion of the results as well as a bibliography listing all literature used in the Extended Abstract. It should consist of 3-5 DIN A4 paes (font size 12; 1.5 line spacing). Please send us a ‘.docx’-File or zippted ‘LaTex/Tex’-Projekt. Templates for the Extended Abstract can be downloaded here in Docx-format and here as LaTeX-projekt.

4. We review your Extended Abstract and give you feedback.

5. Based on the feedback you revise your Extended Abstract and send us an updated version via E-Mail. Please also send us a short bio of yourself and an E-Mail adress that can be used to contact you as author. We add both below your article in the journal.

6. We format and layout your article in the next volume of our journal. Before the article is published you get the chance to see it and tell is if you have any concerns.

7. You proof read your article and tell us if you think anything should be changed. Then you give us green light for publication.

8. Your article is published in the next volume of “Junes Forschen der Universität in Koblenz”. You also receive a print version of the volume.

Information for teaching personnel

You supervised an excelent bachelor, master or research thesis? We would be glad if you propose your students to publish their work in our journal.

To save you work we already created a flyer in PDF format that you can download and forward to your students.